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When Departing: Cleaning Guidelines

The house is thoroughly cleaned each year prior to rentals.  This includes windows, floors, curtains, furniture, etc.  We want to provide a clean, pleasant environment for all of our renters while minimizing the clean-up that is needed each week.


There are appropriate cleaners, brushes, sponges and rubber gloves under each of the bathroom sinks and the kitchen sink.  There are rags in a bag on the floor of the hall closet. There is a mop and a broom hanging in the stairway to the cellar.


  • Thoroughly clean the sinks, toilets and tub/shower.
  • Shake out the bath mats.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floors to remove all sand.


  • Coffee pot:  Make sure you have emptied the coffee grounds and cleaned the carafe and coffee pot thoroughly.
  • Refrigerator: Remove any leftover food from the refrigerator.  While it is tempting to leave things that are still good, not everyone eats the same things.  It is important that everyone have room for the things they bring.  Wipe shelves.
  • Stove: Be sure to use the special cleaner and sponge for the glass top to remove all spots.
  • Empty the dishwasher.
  • Wipe down the inside of the microwave.
  • Clean the sink.
  • Floor:  Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove all crumbs and sand.  If there are sticky spots, please use the Swiffer mop to get rid of these.


  • Put the quilts back on the beds.
  • Vacuum the rug

Living and Dining Rooms

  • Tables: Clean the glass tops (glass cleaner under kitchen sink) on the coffee and end tables.  Wipe down the dining table.
  • Vacuum the carpet.

In general, we hope that you will treat our house as a home, and leave things even better than you find them.  If you feel the house was not thoroughly cleaned when you arrived, please contact us immediately.

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